The Department of Histology and Embryology in Nanjing Medical University is the key section in Jiangsu province. It can confer master’s degree and doctor’s degree. This department is the main component of the State Key Laboratory of Reproductive Medicine.
Now, the department has 12 faculty members, including 8 teachers (4 professors, 2 associated professors and 2 lecturers) and 4 technicians. The leader of the department is Professor Sha Jiahao. The director of the department is Professor Zhou Zuomin.
This department provides the teaching work of “Histology and Embryology”, “Structure of Human Body” and “Developmental Biology” for undergraduate students. Each year, the department enrolls about 3-4 students for PhD and 10-12 students for Master’s degree. As a chief editor or deputy editor, this group published a series of relative textbook. The staff acquire a lot of achievements in their teaching work and published related articles as well.
The department focuses on the research of reproductive medicine. Its main interest is about the functional research of human testis and ovary development related genes and stem cell. In the resent 5 years, about 60 articles have been published in SCI including papers. Among these, two papers were published in Nature Genetics.