Department of Cell Biology has 11 faculty members, including 3 professors, 1 associate professor and 7 lecturers. The department integrates genetics, cell biology and medical sciences together to explore the basic mechanisms underlying human disease, particularly cancer, in three areas: (1) explore the mechanisms underlying development of chemotherapy resistance of breast cancer and develop the new delivery system for anticancer drugs; (2) investigate the role of dynamic change of high-order Chromatin structure in gene regulation, particularly the long-range regulation of gene expression by remote elements in specific cell activities; (3) identify key factors that promote development of reproductive defects. The department awards master degree of cell biology. Graduate students are fully integrated in our research activities and participate hands-on in the process of discovery. Our research programs have been financially supported by grants from National Nature Science Foundation of China, the Ministry of Science and Technology of People’s Republic of China, etc.
The Department combines efforts in research and teaching together. We teach the theoretical and experimental courses of medical cell biology for undergraduate and graduate students including international students from all specialties of the university.
We welcome scientists and graduate students integrate into our research and education activities.
Department Director: Sun Yujie, Ph.D., Prof.
Tel: 00862586862731