There are 14 teachers and 4 teaching assistants at present in the Department of Mathematics and Computer of Nanjing Medical University. Among them, 6 have senior titles. The department mainly opens courses like Higher Mathematics, Medicine Mathematical Statistics, Computer Information Technology and VB Programming. There are 9 computer labs for teaching, and the computer lab was named the university level demonstration center of basic experimental teaching in 2009. The director is Luo Jianping, associate professor.
The department has participated in compiling textbooks as the chief editor and associate editor in recent years. Besides, the department has also hosted many teaching reform projects including that from Teaching Guidance Committee of the Ministry of Education in China. Teaching Achievements at the provincial level were awarded twice. In the past few years, teachers had led students together to win the national awards for many times in the "National College Mathematical Modeling Contest" and "Challenge Cup”.
Based on the guiding ideology of laying equal stress on teaching and scientific research, the department organizes various scientific research activities. It once hosted 1 subject of the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Science and Technology. Besides, the department has published dozens of scientific research papers, among which 4 are on the SCI, and has won the second and the third prize of Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Award respectively, obtaining many invention patents and software copyrights as well.