Established in 2005, the Department Biomedical Engineering has 1 professor, 3 lecturers and 1 experimentalist. It offers 1 bachelor program and 1 master program in biomedical engineering. The direction of master's degree including: biomedical nanotechnology, biomedical instrumentation and medical image processing, biomedical information processing. The department aims at training professional biomedical engineer who have a solid foundation of medical electronicstheories, a wide range of medical knowledge and strong adaptive ability.
In 2007, The Laboratory Project Built by Joint Efforts of Central and Local Authorities was approved. In 2010, the Experimental Teaching Center of biomedical engineering was established. In 2011, the Experimental Teaching Center wins the title of Provincial Experiment Teaching Demonstration Centre.

In recent years, the department has undertaken a large number of research projects and published a great many works, textbooks and papers, many of which were awarded national prizes and have had extensive social influence. Since 2008, students win 33 provincial or national awards in the various scientific and technological competitions, there have been 98 students to participate in college students' innovative projects, and students published 21 scientific papers as the first author, applied 2 national invention patents and 2 software copyright.