The Department of Biotechnology was founded in 2005. The teaching staff includes 2 full professors, 2 lecturers and 1 laboratory technician. Among them, there are 3 PhD and 2 MD holders. The director of department is Professor Xin Cao.
The department is mainly responsible for the theoretical and experimental teaching of the main special courses of Biotechnology. The laboratory of biotechnology specialty was funded by the project of “The Central and Local Governments to the Distinctive and Priority Laboratory in Higher Education Institution” in 2008, and granted with “Experimental Teaching Demonstration Centre of Jiangsu Higher Education Institution” (Modern Medicinal Biotechnology Comprehensive Training Centre) in 2011.

The scientific-research fields of the department include: Genetic disease molecular foundation and clinical application; Molecular cell biology and biological immunotherapy in breast cancer; Gene targeting and modification in drosophila; Biomedical materials. During the last 5 years, 12 scientific projects were granted, including 2 National Natural Science Foundations of China and 2 Jiangsu Natural Science Foundations. More than 50 papers have been published in domestic and international scientific journals and nearly 20 papers were SCI included. Additionally, there were 3 patents applied (1 patent granted) and 4 reference books published as the main compilers.