Our Department got the authorization of master degree grant in 1981 and doctoral degree grant in 2003 by Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council. By now, the Department has 26 faculty members, among which there are 4 professors and 2 doctoral advisors, 5 associate professors, 13 lecturers and 4 technicians.

Our Department provides all the students from NJMU a rigorous curriculum which consists of the courses on biochemistry, medical molecular biology and related laboratory courses. In 2002, the Department received Excellent Teaching Award from the Ministry of Education of Jiangsu province. In the past several years, we have edited quite a few textbooks with high quality, such as “Biochemistry”, “Medical Molecular Biology”, “Molecular Biology” and so on.

Our faculty now focus on : 1) the mechanism underlying diabetic mellitus; 2) the growth and development of pancreatic β cells and regulation; 3) molecular biology of cancer. A key laboratory of human functional genomics of Jiangsu Province is affiliated with our department. All equipment of the department costs about 10 million which can maintain the requirement of teaching and scientific research. From 2007 to now, our faculty has got more than 20 research programs which are supported by National foundation. And we have published over 50 research papers on SCI journals such as Journal of Biological Chemistry, Oncogene, Endocrinology, Diabetologia and Molecular Cancer Therapeutics. Our department is actively involved in communication and collaboration with overseas universities and has established an excellent international cooperation relationship with them.