Department of Physiology is a key discipline of Nanjing Medical University. There are 5 professors, 5 associate professors and 8 lecturers.
The faculty members in the department focus on the cardiovascular physiology and cardiovascular diseases, neuroscience and related disordors, cellular physiology and molecular biology, conducting research at integrated, cellular and molecular levels. In the recent ten years, the department has undertaken 37 major research projects, 21 of which are funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China. The members in the faculty have published 325 papers, and 102 papers cited by SCI are published as first or corresponding author. The faculty members have authored 16 books and obtained 5 national patent.
Physiology, a course offered by the Department, was approved as an excellent course in the university and a provincial excellent course. Another course, Medical Functional Laboratory Science, was approved as a national excellent course. The Department has won many awards for its teaching achievements. The Department attaches great importance to teaching innovation and interdisciplinary education. It has developed computerized experimental teaching system and the corresponding software, and established human body functional and digital virtual laboratories for teaching.
Director: Guo-Qing Zhu (Ph.D., M.D., Professor, Supervisor of Ph.D. students)
Scholarship leader: Ling Chen (Ph.D , M.D, Professor, Supervisor of Ph.D. students)
Vice Director: Ying-bin Ge (Ph.D., M.D., Professor, Supervisor of M.S. students), and Lei Che (Ph.D., M.D., Professor, Supervisor of M.S. students)
Office Tel: +86-25-86862885; +86-25-86862016; +86-25-86862878