The Department of Developmental Genetics was founded in December 2009, led by Professor Steven Yan Cheng. At present, we have now built an outstanding faculty team and established a M.D. program in genetics. There are 6 faculty members in the department, 2 of whom are professors and 4 lecturers. All of the academic staffs hold Ph.D. degree, five members with international education experience. We offer undergraduate courses Medical Genetic and General Genetics for B. Sc as well as Molecular Genetics and Research Design for M.D. students. Our team is mainly focused on studying how embryonic development and tumorigenesis is governed by proteins that control gene activity and cell signaling processes. Now, we have 1 Ph.D. supervisor and 1 master's supervisor. We aim to encourage the innovation spirit and to train independent ability in scientific research. Every year, we offer 2 positions for Ph.D. students and 4-5 positions for graduate students.