Beijing Opera Broadcast Gymnastics Competition

International students won the first prize in Opera Broadcast Gymnastics Competition held by NMU.

Crescendo 2019

Crescendo 2019 - the finale of the first ever Chinese singing competition for foreign students was organized by the department of Arts and Culture of International Students'  Association of NMU.

Varsity Jacket Design

The cultural shirt design activity organized by the International Student Association attracted many students to brainstorm and create the first NMU varsity jacket.

The 50th Sports Meet

The international students of our school showed their full-fledged sportsmanship in this sports meeting, achieved successes or wins in many competitions, and finally won the second place in the men's group, the fourth place in the women's group, and the second place in the team total score!

'Perceiving of Jiangsu' cultural exchange and practice activities for Chinese and foreign students, 2019

'Perceiving of Jiangsu' cultural exchange and practice activities for Chinese and foreign students were successfully carried out in Gaoyou, a beautiful historical and cultural city in Jiangsu. This activity was attended by 56 Chinese and foreign students from the School of International Education, the First Clinical Medical College and the School of Foreign Languages.

Perceiving China-Social Practice and Cultural Experience Activities

This event is sponsored by the China Scholarship Council and jointly organized by Nanjing Medical University and Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It aims to hope that international students will 'learn professional knowledge and serve their hometowns; understand Chinese culture and experience China's development; and act as an exchange messenger. Friendship Bridge'.

The 5th Sino-Foreign Culture Exchange Festival

With the theme of 'Colorful World, Vibrant Southern Medicine', the performance brought together Chinese and foreign students from nearly 20 countries including India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Ghana, Canada, France, Serbia, and integrated Chinese folk dance, sitcoms, and multinational dances. Various forms of expression such as skewers, musicals, symphony, pop songs, rap, etc., show the charm of multicultural communication.

The 5th Multicultural Festival

With the theme of 'Colorful World, Vigorous Southern Medicine', this year's world style exhibition is composed of two parts: art performance and cultural display. International students and Chinese students from many countries gathered together. They brought a feast of vision, hearing and taste to the campus of NMU by showing the customs and social culture of their respective countries.