Tao Xiaoqin

Tao Xiaoqin
1. Personal Information
Tao,Xiaoqin received her bachelor's degree from Nanjing Medical University. She is now a co-chief nurse in Nanjing Brain Hospital,head nurse of Psychological and Rehabilitation Department,and a Master's Supervisor. She is also a member of Jiangsu Mental Health Care Professional Committee and Nanjing College of Nursing Professional Committee.
Addr: No. 264Guangzhou road, Nanjing, Psychological Department of Nanjing Brain Hospital
Tel: 13585102649
Email: jsnjtxq@163.com
2. Education
Professional Title
Research Area
Tao, Xiaoqin
3. Research Interests
I am currently conducting research as follows: Psychiatric nursing,psychotherapynursingBase-on-patients nursing, etc. supervision, and mental nursing,
4. Selected Publications
[1] Manual Measuring of Pulse Rate,Journal of Nursing Science,2008 vol 23,7
[2] Clinical experience of the use of protective constraint observation record, Modern Nursing, 2009, vol15,1
[3] The study of risk factors for falls among hospitalized mental patients
[4]Effect of nursing interventions on accidental falls in patients with mental disorders,Chinese Journal of Nursing,2012,vol 47,10
5. Academic achievements
1. hosted a project of Nanjing science and technology development
2. Won a National Patent