Wang Jinhua


Wang Jinhua
1.      Personal Information
Associate Professor of Gynecology Surgery
Director of the Medical Affairs & Education Department
Correspondence Address: No. 42 Baiziting Road, Nanjing, China
Telephone: 02583283321
Fax: 02583283320
2.      Education
(if applicable)
Yangzhou University
Clinical Medicine
Soochow University
 Nanjing University
University of Arizona, USA
Visiting scholar
3. Research Interests
After grasuation from Yangzhou University School of Medicine, I worked as a general surgeon in the Second People’s Hospital of Baoying. On September, 1997, I began to study at Suzhou University School of Medicine as a postgraduate student. In 2000, I got my master's degree from Suzhou University School of Medicine. Then I worked as gynecologic oncology surgeon at Jiangsu Cancer Hospital & Institute. In 2007, I earned my doctor’s degree from the Nanjing University. In 2009, I was appointed as an associate professor of oncology by Nanjing Medical University. In 2010, I got a chance to study in USA for 1 year.
The results and achievements of my research have been published in various journals including Cancer Research on Prevention and Treatment, Journal of Clinical Medicine in Practice, Clinical Medical Journal, and Chinese Journal of Surgical Oncology. I will continue to conduct research, particularly in the area of ovarian cancer. Recently, I focus on the biomarker of cancer. We have set up a collaborative project with Medical College of Georgia. We want to use these biomarkers to find out the earlier stage of cancer patients and use these biomarkers to follow up the recurrent patients.
4. Selected Publications
1. Wang Jinhua,Zhu Lin, Mao Zhongqi, et al. Residual stomach delayed evacuation after subtotal gastrectomy: an Analysis of 16 Cases. Acta Academiae Medicinae Suzhou, 2000, 20(1): 68-69. (In Chinese)
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15. Wang Jinhua, Zhao Wanzhou, Chen Xiaoxiang, et al. Establishment of a new human ovarian carcinoma cell line and study of its biological characteristics. Chinese journal of surgical oncology, 2009, 1(5): 281-284. (In Chinese)
16. Wang Jinhua, Zhao Wanzhou, Chen Xiaoxiang, et al. Establishment and biological characterization of Cisplatin-resistant cell line OV1228/cDDP of ovarian carcinoma. Cancer research and clinic, 2010, 22(6): 281-284. (In Chinese)
17. Zhao Lijun, Xu He, Qu Wei, Zhao Wanzhou, ZhaoYibing, Wang Jinhua. Modulation of drug resistance in ovarian cancer cells by inhibition of protein kinase C-alpha (PKC-α) with small interference RNA (siRNA) agents. Asian Pacific J Cancer Prev, 2012; 13: 1-6.
18. Chen Bo, Yi Bin,Mao Rui, Liu Haitao, Wang Jinhua, Sharma A, Peiper S, Leonard WJ, She Jinxiong. T cell lymphoma in NOD.Stat5b transgenic mice Is caused by hyperactivation of Stat5b in CD8+ thymocytes. PLoS One 8(2): e56600.
5. Scholarly and Professional Activities
Member, Gynecologic Oncology Coalition of Jiangsu Province, 2007-present.
Senior editor of Chinese Journal of Oncology, 2009-present