Tan Xuyan

Tan Xuyan

1. Personal Information

Title/Position: Associate Professor
Correspondence Address: NO.42 Baiziting, Nanjing
Telephone: 13851634090
Fax: 83283318
E-mail: tanxuyan2005@163.com
2. Education
(if applicable)
Medical College of Nanjing, China
Clinical Medicine
3. Research Interests
Tan Xuyan has always been interested in cancer diagnostics and differential diagnostics of clinical ultrasound. Especially she is good at the diagnostics and differential diagnostics of cancer in liver, breast and gynecology. She has taken the lead in studying clinical interventional ultrasound and made remarkable achievement. She took charge of several research and made achievement.
4. Selected Publications
l         Tan D. Clinical Significance of Ultrasonic and Follow-up to the Subacute-thyroiditis. China JMIT jun 2000 Vol 16 No 6.
l         Tan D. Experimental study and clinical application of self-made microwave treatmental apparatus of liver tumor. Chin J Ultrasonogr,August 2000,Vol 9,No 8.
l         Tan D. Application of Local Treatment Combining with Chemotherapy Via Portal Vien in the Advanced Hepatic Cancer. China JMIT Nov 2001 Vol 17 No 11.
l         Tan D. Application of Transvaginal Sonography in Diagnosis of 124 Cervix Lesions and Conparing with Pathologic Examination. J Ultrasound in Clin Med,Dec.2001,Vol.3,No.6
l         Tan D. Contrast enhanced power Doppler in evaluating the curative effect of hepatic cancer treated by microwave coagulation. Chin J Ultrasonogr, April 2002,Vol 11,No.4
l         Tan D. Analysis on effect of multi-methods interventional treatment for hepatic cancer. Journal of Hepatobiliary Surgery, Vol.10,No.4,Aug.2002
l         Tan D. The Hemodynamic Onanges of Cancer Treated by Microwave Coagulation. HENAN JOURNAL OF ONCOLOGY Vol.15 No.2 Apr.2002
l         Tan D. Clinical Application of Tissue Harmonic Imaging in Abdominal Organs. Chin J Med Imaging,2003,Vol 19, No 10
l         Diagnosis of renal vein thrombosis using color Doppler ultrasonography. Shanghai Medical Imaging,2007,Vol.16,No.1
l         Tan D. Establishment of rabbit model bearing VX2 tumors and monitoring by contrast-enhanced ultrasonography. J Ultrasound in Clin Med,August 2009,Vol.11,No.8
l         Tan D. Significance of ultrasound-guided automatic biopsy in diagnosis of breast cancer before operation. Jiangsu Med J,January 2009,Vol 35,No 1
l         Tan D. Ultrasonographic changes evaluation of response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy in breast cancer. Chin J Surg Onco,Oct.2010,Vol.2,No.5
l         Tan D. Relation between the sonograpic features of IDC and immunohistochemistical factors. Chin J Surg Onco,Jun.2010,Vol.2,No.3
l         Tan D. Ultrasnic elastography in differential diagnosis of benign and malignant breast masses. Chin J Surg Onco,Oct.2011,Vol.3,No.5
l         Tan D. The value of CDFI and FFDM in differentiating benign and malignant breast lesions. Chin J Surg Onco,Jun.2011,Vol.3,No.3
l         Tan D. Study of correlation between contrast-enhanced ultrasonography parameters and microvessel density of IDC. Chin J Surg Onco,Aug.2012,Vol.4,No.4
5. Scholarly and Professional Activities
Associate Chair and Secretary of Jiangsu Ultrasound branch of Chinese Medical Association
Associate Chair of Nanjing Ultrasound Medical Association
Secretary general of Jiangsu Ultrasound Medical Younger Association