Qian Zhiying

Qian Zhiying
1. Personal Information
Title/Position: Vice Professor, Chief physician
Correspondence Address: No. 42 Beiziting, Nanjing, China
Telephone: 13951707960
Fax: 02583283321
E-mail: qianzhiying@csco.org.cn
2. Education
(if applicable)
Nantong medical college , Nantong, China
Nanjing Medical University, Nanjing, China
3. Research Interests
I am currently conducting research in the diagnosis and treatment of malignant from digestive tract, breast, lymph node and also the tumor associated emergency and complication. I have undertaken or assisted the completion of three provincial issues. I participated in the preparation of “The Comprehensive Treatment of Breast Cancer” and “The Three Bases of Tumor”. Now I have a project supported by national natural science foundation of china (ranking fourth). I have joined many clinical trials of anti-cancer drugs. I have won the first prize for progress in science and technology of Jiangsu province (ranking ninth), third prize for progress in science and technology of Nanjing (ranking first), the prize of introducing medical science and technology by office of Jiangsu health (ranking first), achievement of science and technology of Nanjing (ranking first and second) and the prize of introducing medical science and technology by Nanjing (ranking second).
 4. Selected Publications
(1)Clinical economic evaluation of comprehensive standardized diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer,Tang Jin-hai ,Zhang Xiao1,Qian Zhi-ying etal, Acta Universitatis Medicinalis Nanjing (Natural Science),2009,(7), 985-991
(2)Correlation of expression of survivin mRNA in peripheral blood of esophageal cancer to chemosensitivity and prognostic significance, Qian Zhi-ying,He Liu,He Xiao-song , Chinese Clinical Oncology, 2009,(7),598-601
(3)Detection Of Apoptotic Inhibitor Gene Survivin In Peripheral Blood Of
Esophageal Cancer By Real-time Fluorescence Quantitative PCR And Clinical Signficance, Qian Zhi-ying,He Liu,He Xiao-song, Journal of Clinical Medicine in Practice, 2006,(1),10-11.
(4)The clinical study of continuous intravenous infusion vinorelbine with cisplatin for advanced esophageal cancer, Qian Zhi-yin,He Liu, Chinese Clinical Oncology, 2005,(3),257-259。
(5)The Clinical Trial Of Chemotherapy By Vinorelbine Or Paclitaxel Plus Cisplatin In Advanced Breast Cancer, Qian Zhi-ying,Wu Han-li, Zhu Jing-hua,, Cancer Research and Clinic 2003,(5),311-313
5. Scholarly and Professional Activities
Member of CSCO
Member of the National Natural Science Foundation of evaluation experts