Hu Yiqin




Hu Yiqin
1. Personal Information
Title/Position: Associate Professor,Chief physician
Correspondence Address: General Surgery Department,
Jiangsu Cancer Hospital,
Nanjing, China.
Telephone: 13305188851
Fax:     025 83284725
2. Education
(if applicable)
The Fourth Military Medical University, Shanghai, China
Clinical Medicine
3. Research Interests
I am proficient in breast surgery and comprehensive standardized treatment of breast cancer. I accumulated rich clinical experience in modified radical mastectomy, conservative breast surgery, breast reconstruction, internal mammary reshaping and adjuvant chemotherapy for breast cancer.  According to the clinical characteristics of breast cancer surgery, I used to design the “inflatable adjustability chest strap” and achieved satisfying results in clinical application. Besides, I won the second prize of new technology introduction, awarded by Jiangsu Health Bureau. Furthermore, I took the lead in carrying out the research of  “intravenous catheter puncture drain flap effusion and lymphatic fistula” and the research of “application of infusion band in beautifying the incision”.
4. Selected Publications
(2)     Detection of intraperitoneal free cancer cells in gastric cancer patients and its correlated factors with prognosis. Chinese Journal of cancer prevention and control, 2006
(3)     Elevated serum alpha fetoprotein gastric carcinoma: a clinical analysis . Journal of Clinical Oncology, 2007
(4)     Clinical application in Proximal jejunum interposition of digestive tract reconstruction after radical gastrectomy for gastric cancer. Jiangsu provincial Health Bureau.
(5)     "Three Bases" Training for Medical Personnel in Medical Institution: Oncology, Southeast University Press, May 2007;
(6)     Workbook of "Three Bases" Training for Medical Personnel in Medical Institution: Oncology, Southeast University Press, Oct. 2007;
(7)     Comprehensive Treatment of Breast Cancer, Jiangsu Science and Technology Press, Jan. 2008
(8)     Manual for Standardized Comprehensive Diagnosis and Treatment, Jiangsu Science and Technology Press, Oct. 2007
5. Scholarly and Professional Activities
Member , Anti-cancer Association of Jiangsu Province
One of the leading researchers, the research of Standardization technology sol-utions for the prevention and control of breast cancer and its clinical applicatio-n demonstration. Social Development Projects, Department of Jiangsu Province(BS2006006)