2018 Nanjing Medical University International Symposium on Medical Education Successfully Held

    From April 21st to 22nd, 2018, the 2018 International Symposium on Medical Education was successfully held in Nanjing Medical University. University leadership, senior administrative staff, representatives from affiliated hospitals, schools and Chinese & international students altogether more than 300 people took part in the symposium. A delegation of 10 experts and scholars were invited to attend the symposium, who were respectively from Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry of Western University (Canada), University of South Carolina (USA), the University of Manchester (UK) and the University of Sydney (Australia).


    Themed as “Challenge and Innovation in Medical Education”, the symposium focused on the new situation, new developments, new challenges and new achievements of medical education and research. The symposium began with a welcome speech by President Shen Hongbing and he wished the event a great success. He pointed out that higher medical education needs to grasp the development trend of global education, deepen exchanges and cooperation between schools and universities at home and abroad, and draw on the latest achievements in the field of medicine so as to promote the reform of education and teaching in an all-round way. Besides, he also wished the collision of wisdom and thinking, and the blending of ideas and concepts between Chinese and western experts and scholars will bring more theoretical results. Subsequently, Chancellor Wang Changqing of NMU, Dr. Michael J. Strong from Schulich School, Vice President Joan T.A. Gabel of University of South Carolina and Dr. Doug Corfield from the University of Manchester delivered the keynote speeches respectively, focusing on the topics of “Medical Education Reform in the New Era - The Road to Inheritance and Innovation of Nanjing Medical University”, “New Paradigm in Medical Education: Competency Based Medical Education”, and “Innovative Collaborations in Health Sciences” as well as “Medical Training or Medical Education: Which Do We Need? or How to Fish?”


    After the main forum, the Sino-Canada forum undertook by Department of Science and Technology and Institute of Translational Medicine together with the Sino-UK forum held by School of Basic Medical Sciences, the Sino-Australia forum organized by the 2nd Affiliated Hospital and the Affiliated Sir Run Run Hospital and the Sino-US forum undertook by School of Public Health were held in succession. By means of the 4 bilateral forums, Chinese and foreign experts and scholars shared the latest progress and latest achievements in the fields of transformation medicine, cardiovascular research, comprehensive training of general medicine and global health education. The 19 theme reports of this symposium attracted more than 650 people, and all the forums have received enthusiastic and interactive feedbacks.


    During the symposium, NMU also discussed high-level and deep cooperation with the representatives of the foreign universities, and reached agreement on some substantive cooperation projects and measures in the related fields. In addition, the representatives of all foreign universities who participated in the symposium agreed to hold a multilateral symposium on medical education in NMU every two years so as to cooperate and develop together on a regular basis.


    The success of symposium has enriched the form and content of NMU internationalization, which helps to promote the process of internationalization and enriches the connotation of the goal of a world renowned NMU.

Reported by: Department of International Cooperation & Exchange

Photographed by: Information Network Center, Department of International Cooperation & Exchange and the Affiliated Sir Run Run Hospital

Translated by: Shen Henglu

Edited by: Zhang Donghui