18 International Courses of 2018 Selected

    On May 3rd, 2018, NMU international course oversight committee convened a meeting to evaluate international course applications. After discussion and voting, 18 new courses including 'Comparative and Historic Study of International Health Systems' were selected. Meanwhile, 3 courses such as 'Health OutcomesInequalities in Health and Health Policy' have been decided as the fixed courses.


    NMU started to set up international courses in 2016, led by the Department of International Cooperation and Exchange in cooperation with the Graduate School and Department of Teaching Affairs. These courses were adopted from overseas high level universities and delivered by foreign experts in the purpose of enhancing the internationalization level and promoting NMU growth into a world renowned high-level research medical university with distinctive features.




Reported by: Department of International Cooperation and Exchange

Translated by: Shen Henglu

Edited by: Zhang Donghui