One alumni donated to alma mater and introduced a scholarship established Roche into university

Recently, an anonymous alumnus donated 200,000 yuan to alma mater, our university, and will continue to donate 200,000 yuan per year over the next three years, on total 800,000 yuan to support the development of alma mater’s education.
The alumni also successfully introduced the Roche Diagnostics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. established the Roche Diagnostics Chinese Medicine and Life Sciences Education Fund in our university. The fund awards to six full-time graduate students per year who are excellent both in character and learning from Clinical Diagnostics Laboratory medicine school and Social Medicine and Health Management school, each student will be awarded 5000 yuan. Roche Diagnostics also promise to provide internship and employment opportunities to other students, and to give priority of work-study opportunities to students from poor families. During the internship, the company will provide guidance and interview for the trainee. For the students who have outstanding performance during the internship, Roche Diagnostics will consider hiring them.