Second Semester Teaching Affairs Meeting of 2014-2015 School Year and New Teachers Rehearsal of Giving Lectures

2 p.m. on Feb. 4th, Second semester teaching affairs meeting of 2014-2015 school year and new teachers rehearsals of giving lectures was held in the classroom of general practice training center, hosted by Dr. Chen Yiqing, Dean of the teaching affairs administration office, together with Prof. Gan Weihua, vice president of the hospital, experts, departments secretaries and staff in the office attending.

In the first section of the meeting, Dr. Chen explained the requirements of the rehearsal, and then released the interim report on inspectingthe first semester. She pointed out the problems among teachers, while praising the outstanding teachers during the last semester as well as presenting the key work of the next.

The rehearsal was held afterwards. 14 new teachers took part in this activity, including teachers from departments of intern medicine, surgery, radiology and rehabilitation. All of them, either young green handed or old experienced, made good preparations for trial. Experts commented oneach new teacher and pinpointed their shortcomings.

By the end of the rehearsal, Prof. Gan announced the score of each new teacher and made a brief conclusion. She spoke very highly of those new teachers and hoped them to learn more from experts in the future. She really appreciated the support from all departments and the teaching affairs administration office for the rehearsal which enhances the teaching ability of young teachers.

Lastly, Prof. Gan awarded the electrical pointer to new teachers and had a picture with them.