The Final Version Discussion of the Textbook “Brief Introduction to Human Diseases”

The final version discussion of the textbook called “Brief Introduction to Human Diseases”, a part of the teaching reform in higher medical and pharmaceutical colleges and universities, was held in the classroom of the Clinical Skill Training Center in 2nd Affiliated Hospital of NMU, Jan. 30th. This meeting was hosted by the Teaching Affairs Administration office of the Second School of Clinical Medicine, and conducted by the chief editor, Prof. Lu Xiang, vice president of NUM, together with about 20 editors of the textbook attending this meeting.

The meeting started with the speech by Prof. Lu, confirming the aim of the meeting, the deadline of the final version, the name list of editors and the order of catalogue. In his speech, Prof. Lu pointed out that there was still room for improvement in updating the context of the book according to the recent development of medical science, new guideline of clinical medicine and clinical pathway, while offering sufficient affirmation to editors’ work in prior period. Prof. Lu also said, this textbook should manifest its features by introducing hot diseases with reference to the latest textbook, the guideline and clinical pathway made by National Health and Family Planning Commission.

Then, Dr. Chen Yiqing, dean of Teaching Affairs Administration office, explained those to be revised in each chapter. All editors discussed seriously such items as classifying chapters and naming a disease and came to the final suggestions for the revision.

In the last part, all editors reached an agreement of the requirements and deadline of the book. The manuscript would be submitted to the editorial office before Spring Festival Holiday.