Re.2012 ---The Notification of Holding the Annual Rally Aerobics Competitions among League Branches


Youth League Branch,
Directly Under the Youth League:
To Each Student Union,
In order to advocate the national fitness movements and show the prosperous spirit of students in NJMU, aerobics movements are popularize vigorously. Besides, in effort to establish a campus culture construction with high quality, high standard and a wide range of participation, and to create a campus culture atmosphere with an abundant content, diverse forms, healthy attitude, and ceaseless innovation. The School Committee of Youth League is scheduled to hold RE,2012 NJMU---the Annual Rally Aerobics Competions Among League Brances in late May of this year.
The notification of the specific related work is as followed:
I.         The sponsor:
The School Committee of Youth League
II.      The organizer:
The Communist Youth League; Youth League branch; Directly under the Youth League and The College Students Art Troupe
III.   Theme:
Show ourselves, Dance up NJMU!
IV. Content and Requirements
1, Each participating league should have a clear theme, a healthy content, energetic and passionate performance, while the performing style and music are not restricted. The first round is the aerobics performance, and the forms of aerobics can be varied, while light equipment ( fan, fitness ball, rubber band, scarf etc.) can also be used in performance. The second round is imitation and cooperation. Lottery four league branch in advance for a set, each set take turns to complete four difficult imitation. (Enclosure I attached).
2, Institute for the units are required to select 1 League for competition (including four league branch in The Institute of Basic medical, three league branch in The Insitute of Kangda and one league branch in The Institute of the first Clinical Medicine. ) and each Directly Under The Youth League will take part in the final. All participants must be in the same League branch and the members shall not be less than 20 people (boys are not less than 5, except The institute of Nursing), each team wear clothing for unity, participants must be of the same league branch, otherwise, once discovered, the qualification of participaing will be canceled.
3, The whole competition is divided into preliminary contest and final contest. Preliminary contest is organized by each Institute. ( please refer to Enclosure I for details ).
V.     Awards:
The contest set a number of awards for “ The special prize, the first place prize, the second place prize, the third place prize, and one best team cooperation award and one best stage performance award .
VI. Attention:
1, Relevant experts will be invited to form a jury, scoring at a fair-and-square, transparent principles at the contest.
2, Contestants prepare their accompaniment, clothing, cosmetics by themselves.
VII.    The Rally Committee’s office, and Contact Information:
Address: The Art College Students Office The Students Activity Center    Jiangning Campus
Contact: Hesuyuan Huang, Xin Huang
The Communist Youth League Committee of NJMU
The College Students’Art Troupe of NJMU

April 20, 2012