Our School Held the Opening Ceremony of the Twenty-second Scientific and Technological and Cultural Arts Festival


At three o’clock in the afternoon on April twenty-second 2012, the opening ceremony of the twenty-second Scientific and Technological and Cultural Arts Festival of 2012 annual competition of fashion show, design and matching was solemnly opened on the playground of Jiangning campus. Party secretary of the school and headmaster Chenqi, deputy secretary Zhou Yafu, vice principal Wang Changqing and Wangrui attended the open ceremony and watched the competition. Despite, every functional departments of school and person in charge of each institute, together with all instructors and students in Jiangning campus were present. This ceremony was hosted by secretary of the Communist Youth League of our school Sun Houchun.
 Current campus Scientific and Technological and Cultural Arts Festival kept "CYL flying vibrant youth" as the theme, was tribute to the 90th anniversary of the China Communist Youth League was established. Party secretary of the school and headmaster Chenqi announced the curtain of the campus Cultural and Arts Festival rised. Cao Ke and Dai chenguang from School of Basic Medical Sciences gave their speeches representing the whole school. They expressed their belief that young students should not forget history, but insist to follow the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Each college teams closely arounded the theme of the art festival and exhibited young blood of students and their historical mission of their courage to undertake everything by rich and colorful designs, decorations and performances. The creative performance in the evolution of clothing given by the first clinical medicine school witnessed the 100 years of Chinese history and brought us back to the very period when people burned their passion. The dance《Most Unusual National Wind》, displayed by Kandda College, integrated the clothing and featured dances of all nations, which was a symbol of national unity and social harmony. Students of Xinjiang Health Class were in Kazakh traditional clothing and Uighur colorful Aide Lai silk dress deduced enthusiasm and boldness of the Xinjiang minority, what’s more, classical and modern national wedding dresses were the interpretation of ethnic cultural inheritance and innovation. The Institute of international education students brought the Fashion Show and Passion Dance, which was regarded as a fusion of unique cultural style of different countries, western fashion beauty and  classical beauty of eastern. Their passionate dance, unique and exotic atmosphere led the whole competition to a climax. After the game, the retired party committees and the Communist Youth League of our school performed the song Inheriting Love》 and the danceJuly Torch Festivalonce again attract the audience's eye. Eventually, the Institute of International Education became the outstanding winner, while Xinjiang Health Class and First Clinical Medical won the first prize.
 Nearly one hundred games of all kinds in the current Scientific and Technological and Cultural Arts Festival will greatly enrich the cultural life on campus, enhance the artistic accomplishments of young students and their aesthetic tastes, and improve their ability of innovation and entrepreneurship. Through the whole progress, students in Nanjing Medical University will sing aloud the era melody of joining the scientific development and building beautiful homes. We believe our students will celebrate the ninetieth birthday of Communist Youth League and the victory of the eighth National People’s Congress.