Our School Held the Eighth College Cultural and Art Festival of Jiangsu Province--knowledge, operation and skill of emergency treatment competition


Knowledge, operation and skill of emergency treatment competition among the eighth college cultural and art festival of Jiangsu province, which was sponsored by Communist Youth League of Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee, undertaken by Youth League Committee and Red Cross of Nanjing Medical University, was hosted in Jiangning campus of our university. Twenty universities in Jiangsu province was attracted and participated. After preliminary contest, ten teams won their places to entering the finals. At length, the team of our school was awarded the outstanding winner.
The finals were carried out that evening at the lecture hall in students’ activity centre. The score of each team was close, though competitors were doing their best, after required questions were ended in the first round. As a result, the competition was even hotter in the emergency treatment play of the second round. The play《No Assumption》, performed by the team from Xuzhou Medical School, presented a sad story that a dancer underwent amputation resulted from the incorrect ways of emergency treatment. By comparison, the story showed us how important proper ways of emergency treatment was to patients’ rescue. Nevertheless, the creative performance《The Little Match Girl》, given by our university, integrated displaying how to give first-aid perfectly with carrying on and promoting universal love. The performances from ten delegations got a lot of applause for their vivid show that blending boring first aid drill into the vivid scenes of life. The ten delegations were decided into five groups by drawing lots at the third round —— finishing emergency treatment on the spot. Facing emergent situation, each spectator calmed himself down and cooperated harmoniously. They completed their emergency treatment operation of binging up within fixed time by using ordinary materials and they were appreciated by judges.
There are two outstanding winners, three first prizes, five second awards, and ten third prizes. Finally, our university, together with Nanjing Traditional Chinese Medicine University, won outstanding winner with excellent marks. Besides, Nanjing University of Technology, Nantong University and Nanjing Agricultural University got different prizes.
This was the first time that our university had undertaken competitions of College Art and Culture Festival of Jiangsu Province. Elaborate plans and preparations from Youth League Committee of our university contributed to putting across this contest, which enhanced university students’ awareness of emergency treatment and encourage them to learn more and do more. We believe that this contest was benefit for promoting college students of whole province their ability of elementary rescue.