Re. 2012 ‘Three Hundreds project’– A Hundred Fine Songs The Notification of Holding Rally Singing Competitions among League Branches


Each branch of the Communist Youth League Committee, each League branch directly under,
Each branch of Students’ Union,
For further deepen our college students’ ideological and political education with ‘123456’ project and adhere to the guidance of the advanced culture, to spare no pain constructing a cultural pattern in campus with high-quality, high-grade and wide-participation, in order to build up a better stage for massive students’ comprehensive growths, it was decided that, in accordance with the spirit of the Communist League Nanjing Medical University Committee (2007) document 8th, ‘Three Hundreds Project’ – A Hundred Fine Songs rally singing competition among League branches is to be held.
Now, the specific notices related to work are as follows,
First, the Sponsor
The University Communist Youth League Committee
Second, the Hosts and the Undertaker
The University Students’ Union
Third, the Theme
The Party Flag Waving, the Fine Songs Brightening
Forth, the Content and Form of activities
1, The contents of participating tracks
The contents are required to be healthy, positive, reflecting the vigorous vitality of college youth, containing a distinct flavor of the temporary era. The range options are provided in Attachment One – ‘A Hundred Recommended Fine Songs’
2, The competition consist of Preliminary Rounds and Final Round.
The Preliminary Rounds are to be held by each department yourselves, while the Final Round is to held by the Hosts, the School Students’ Union.
Each school is required to recommend with only one League branch participating the Final Round, the maximum time of the track should not be longer than 5 minutes.
Note, School of Basic Science and Kangda College are to recommend with one League branch in each grade.
Fifth, Specific Agenda
On 13th November, Tuesday,
To have notified each school, and to start the registration and selection in each department
On 23rd November, Friday,
Each school’s registration and selection should be finished. The secretary of the selected League branch appointed by each school will need to turn over the materials required to the office of College Students’ Art Troupe (on the 2nd floor in the Student Centre).
After all the materials been received, the office staff of this competition will be holding several arrangement meetings which are described in the following.
On 2nd December, Sunday,
The 1st rehearsal will be held. Each team will be required to assemble in front of the Student Centre. Gathering time will be specifically noticed to each selected League branch secretary.
On 7th December, Friday,
The second rehearsal will be held. Same place to assemble. Gathering time will be determined and notified after the 2nd rehearsal.
The date for Final Round is still in the air, which will be in early December.
The time and place of the final competition will be further noticed. Before the opening of the competition, each team will be given a last chance to get familiar with the stage.
Sixth, the Materials required for each school (hard copy)
In the meeting which will be held on the 23rd November,
Time, 17:30, 23rd November
Place, Students’ Union Conference Room, Room 208, 2nd floor in the Student Centre
1, Materials required
Official name of the participating League branch
Nickname of the participating League branch
Members of the participating League branch
Contact of the League branch secretary
A wonderful draft introducing the participating League branch (to express the distinctions of the team, and the text is required with fine passion)
2, Conference contents
The sponsor will explain the process of the competition and confirm the contacts with each League branch.
3, Events
In the Final Round, all the teams will be divided into groups in the 2nd session. For the convenience of each team to get prepared, in the meeting, all the League branched will draw to decide the grouping and tracks.
In the meeting which will be held on 2nd December, Sunday,
Place, Students’ Union Conference Room, Room 208, 2nd floor in the Student Centre
1, Materials required
Music (music accompaniment)
Words for rally singing
2, Conference content
Preparations before the rehearsal
Note, Do not rule out the possibility that additional meetings would be held for special circumstances, and please confirm the notifications of the sponsor.
Seventh, Cheering Squad
The Culture and Entertainment Division of each school will have the mission to organize the cheering squad of your own to cheer for the participating League branch. Each school is request of one cheering squad consisting 30 members. Various forms of cheering are allowed, and those creative ones will be appreciated.
Eighth, Prizes and Awards
Grand prize
First prize
Second prize
Third prize
Outstanding Organization Award
Satisfactory Organization Award
Best Stage Performance Award
Ninth, Matters Needing Attention
1, The contest will invite relevant experts to form a panel of judges. They are to score live in principles of fair, just and apparent.
2, All the tracks, clothing and cosmetics are to prepared by participants.
Tenth, Office and Contacts
Office Address, Office of the College Students’ Art Troupe, the Student Centre, Jiangning Campus
Tel, 86868056
Contact Person, ZhangyuanGuangyan, Lichang
Nanjing Medical University Committee of Communist Youth League
Nanjing Medical University Students’ Union
12th November, 2012