Re.2012 ---The Notification of Holding the Campus Fashion Design & collocation with Performance Competition


Each of The Communist Youth League,

Youth League Branch,

This year, our school will usher in the 22nd campus culture and art festival of science and technology, to improve the popularity of campus culture activities and gradation, and strive to create the unity of ideological content and artistic atmosphere, campus cultural activities, at the same time, as the 9th selection process of college students in Jiangsu province Culture &Art Festival is going on, the Re2012---the Campus Fashion Design & collocation with Performance competition in our school is drafted to be held on the day while the Jiangsu Art Festival ‘s opening ceremony sets on. The details are as follows:

I. The participating units

The Institute of Basic medical, the Institute of Pharmacy, The Institute of the first clinical medine, The institute of the fourth clinical medicine, The Institute of Public Health, The Institute of Oral Medicine, The Institute of The Medical Polity. The Institute of Nursing, The Institute of Foreign Languages, The Institute of the Continuing Education, The Institute of Kangda. And The Institute of International Education.

II. The Entry Requirements

1, Each institute, as a unit, draws orders to participate the performance. And the performance time should be strictly controlled within 6 minutes (timeout will be penalised processing).

2,The competition includes clothing design and clothing collocation. Costumes will be designed and made by the institute independently before the competition, designers should not be others outside, once discovered disqualified, cancel the qualification of participating.

3, The music of each team should be positive, elegant style, which will be good for cultivating the students’ promising art sentiment.

4,The costumes, props and fees are required by the institutes themselves.

III. Time

In the middle of April. (The specific rehearsal time will be noticed in advance).

IV. Awards

1, The school will invite a group of professionals to form a jury for scoring.

2, Awards Settings: one best design award, one best collocation award, one best performance award, and one best creativity award, while for the team awards, one special prize, two first place prize, four second place prize, five Third place prize.

Please mobilize the various units actively, organize carefullyion, and ensure the success of the competition.

please pay attention to other Notification which haven’t been carefully considered

From :

The communist youth league committee of NJMU

March 2012