NMU Alumnus Prof. Gu Dongfeng Elected Academician of CAS

On Nov. 28th, 2017, China Academy of Sciences (CAS) announced the list of 61 newly elected academicians of 2017. Prof. GU Dongfeng, an alumnus of NMU who majored in the program of health of Class 1978, had been granted the honor and elected an academician in Preventive Cardiology and Epidemiology of the Division of Life Sciences and Medical Sciences.

Prof. Gu graduated from Nanjing Medical College(now Nanjing MedicalUniversity) in 1983 and got his bachelor's degree in medicine. Now, he is working in Fuwai Hospital of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (CAMS) and has been keepinga close cooperation with NMU in the field of scientific research. Professor Gu has been engaged in researches of cardiovascular epidemiology and genetics, etiology and population prevention and control, organized large-scale prospective follow-up and cardiovascular disease prevention and treatment, and has carried out multicenter research on the collection and utilization of genetic resources for hypertension and coronary heart disease and susceptibility genes in China. As for the scientific achievements, he has participated in the edition of the monograph of preventive cardiology, and published over 200 papers in SCI journals, such as New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM), Lancet, Journal of theAmerican Medical Association (JAMA), NatureGenetics (NG) and other international journals. Besides, he has also undertaken several important researches at home and abroad in the field of cardiovascular diseases and chronic diseases, including China National Hypertension Survey Follow-up, American NIH program of Human Hypertension Salt Sensitive (GenSalt) and Genetic Epidemiology Study, and key studies in National 863 Program such as Study of Genome-wideandPharmacogenomics inHypertension and Study of Molecular Classification of Hypertension. In addition, the Study of Development Trend and Prevention Strategy of Cardiovascular Disease in China (2008) and the Study of Collection, Utilization of Genetic Resources of Hypertension and Coronary Heart Disease and Susceptibility Genes (2009), which he hosted, won 2 second prizes of the National Science and Technology Advancement Award and provided scientific basis for the cause of cardiovascular disease and chronic disease in China, the national prevention and control policy, the guidelinesas well as the prevention and treatment in practice.

Reported and photographed by: Office of the President, Office of Development Committee and School of Public Health

Translated by:Shen Henglu

Edited by:Zhang Donghui