The 2014 Nanjing Medical University New Year’s Concert

The 2014 NMU New Year’s concert was held in the school gym at Jiangning campus on the evening of December 26th. Nearly 3000 people were in attendance, which included school leaders Chen Qi, Zhang Zhufan and Leng Mingxiang, members of the school’s middle-management, members of the communist youth league, teachers and student delegates. They were treated to a wonderful concert which featured performances by the school’s wind band, Chinese folk orchestra, the student arts group and the faculty chorus.
The concert began with a rendition of ‘Drum Overture’. The wind band then performed the famous ‘Post March’ and the Chinese folk orchestra played ‘A Medley of Famous Western Pieces’, ‘Spring Festival Overture’ and ‘Making Snow Lanterns at the Lantern Festival’ and the new erhu ensemble played a rendition of ‘Guests From Far Away, Please Stay’. Featuring beautiful violin playing, the sound poem ‘Youth Starts From Here’ described the story of students growing up in the five years they spend at university. It revealed the joys, sorrows and frustrations that medical students go through in the journey from freshmen to graduate, and also reminded young students to make unremitting efforts in aiding the development of the nation’s medicine and health sectors.
This year’s New Year’s concert combined various artistic elements, such as singing and dancing, which not only highlighted the university’s creative talent, but also reflected its artistic diversity. The student arts group dance troupe performed a series of highlights of various dances based on sports. ‘My Country and I’ and ‘The Road to Heaven’, performed by the staff chorus, showed the collective morale of our teachers and their love of their country. ‘Moon River’ and ‘Super Mary’ played by the woodwind trio, together with ‘Suite of Joy’ and ‘Carnival of Roses’ played by the wind ensemble gave the celebratory atmosphere a modern edge. Their lively rhythms and beautiful melodies not only gave the audience a sense of delight for the New Year, but also show-cased their excellent musicianship. The final performance of the concert featured the student arts group chorus performing together with wind players to give excellent renditions of ‘Ode to Joy’ and ‘Friendship Forever’. The end to a successful concert was heralded by ‘Ode to The Motherland’. The wonderful performances by teachers and students alike earned them a long, rapturous applause from the audience.
Reported by: The Youth League Committee of University and The Information and Network Center
Translated by: Qin Shuchao
Edited by: Anthony Williams