Alumnus Chen Hongbing Donates to His Alma Mater - Nanjing medical university

The Education Development Foundation at NMU is due to soon receive ¥800, 000 from Chen Hongbin, a student of the university’s 1990 student cohort. Hongbin, whose donation comes from his own personal wealth, intends the denotation to be used for the development of teaching at his old school, and has offered it as a gift for the 80th anniversary of the university’s founding. In addition to this, he is one of the major contributors to the Friends of the University Clinical Medicine Study Bursary established in 2010 by the 1990 student alumni.
Hongbing is currently the CEO and executive director of Kangzhe Pharmaceuticals Holdings Limited and also chairman of the board at Kangzhe Pharmaceuticals Limited in Shenzhen.
Reported by: The Developmental Office
Translated by: Zhou Xiaoying
Edited by: Anthony Williams