Kangda College of NMU Relocated to the City of Lianyungang, approved by the State Ministry of Education

According to the approval of the State Ministry of Education issued on June 6th, Kangda College of Nanjing Medical University will be relocated to the Xinhai district in Lianyungang City. In the coming September, Kangda College will usher in the first batch of 1200 freshmen in the new campus.
Kangda College was founded in 1999, approved by the Educational Department of Jiangsu Province as one of the first 18 public-owned local-run colleges. In 2005, it was approved by the State Ministry of Education as an independent college. In 2008, it was allowed to award undergraduate diploma. In 2012, the college established academic degree commission to issue the bachelor’s degree certificate. After 14 years of development, Kangda has become an independent college with advanced concept, distinctive features, strict management, and excellent reputation. After the relocation to Lianyungang, the college will continue to carry forward the fine spirit and tradition of school management, equipped with high-quality teaching staff and management team, to ensure the quality of the college. The college will implement the educational and teaching reform of students training and discipline construction, and at the same time, it will be combined with the local characteristics of the coastal city, and actively open courses as pharmaceutics, pharmaceutical engineering, biotechnology and new professional related to oceans and drug; promote the development of special majors and connotation, play its advantage of medical education, drive and push forward the development of medical and scientific research level of the hospitals in Lianyungang area in all respects, form mutual development pattern of research and teaching for good; actively carry out technological research and development work, and promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. The college will seize the opportunity of the relocation, continue to explore the Kangda management with characteristics, and open a new chapter in its developing map.