Two public classes of Nanjing Medical University --“Doctor-patient Communication Skills" and "Oral Health”---were recommended as “Excellent Video Public Class in 2013” by the Ministry of Education

According to the notice released by the Higher Education Department of Jiangsu Province about submitting the application materials to the Ministry of Education for the evaluation of the “Excellent Video Public Classes” within“ the Scientific and Cultural Education Curriculum” category, the course "Doctor-patient Communication Skills" led by Professor Wang Jinfan (from our fourth clinical medical school) and Professor Wang Hong (from the first clinical medical school), and the course “Oral Medicine” by Professor Wang Lin and Professor Chen Wenjing from stomatology school have been recommended by the Ministry of Education as the quality video public classes of "The Scientific and Cultural Education Curricula " in 2013. Among the 16 courses recommended in Jiangsu Province, these two courses of our university are the only medical courses among them.
Excellent video public classes, while mainly serving the college students, provide scientific and cultural education through network video courses and lectures to the public for free. It is an essence, as well as an extension, of the excellent course project of the Ministry of Education in the “11th Five-year Plan". Excellent video public classes aim to promote the advanced educational resources to be free, to spread the best achievements of human civilization and advanced modern scientific and technological knowledge widely, to improve the scientific and cultural qualities of the students and the public, to serve the construction of socialist advanced culture, and to strengthen China's cultural soft power and its international influence.
(Source: Office of Academic Affairs, Research Center)