Head of Consulate General of India in Shanghai Visited NMU

On the morning of March 13, Consul-General of Consulate General of India in Shanghai, Mr. Naveen Srivastava, and his party visited Nanjing Medical University on March, 13. The delegation was accompanied by Mr. Yuan Weixing from the Ministry of Commerce of China. Shen Hongbing, Vice President of university met the guests in Years Court. Directors of the School of International Education and international students from India also attended the meeting.
Vice President Shen expressed his warm welcome to Mr. Navven and his delegation. He introduced to the Consul-General the development of the school over the recent years, and particularly on the development in international students’ education and the school’s international exchanges and cooperation. Mr. Naveen expressed his thanks for Vice President Shen’s warm welcome. He spoke highly of the measures NMU has taken in pushing forward international exchanges and cooperation. He also expressed great interest in student exchange (in the university's projects of sending Chinese students to study abroad). He said, China and India are neighboring countries, and both are leading powers. With more and more Indian students coming to China, understanding between the two peoples has been deepened, and friendship between the two countries has been increased. Mr. Navven also said China and India are both most populous countries in the world, so we face similar opportunities and challenges in public health. That similarity provides a good foundation for communications between the two nations. He said he hopes NMU will carry out more communication and cooperation with Indian health institutions and universities in the areas of health policy, public health, etc. Also, Mr. Naveen invited Vice President Shen as well as teachers and officials from NMU to visit India in the future.
Li Min, Deputy Dean of the School of International Education, gave a detailed introduction of the education of international students in NMU, and general information about Indian graduates and students at school. After the meeting, Mr. Naveen held conversations with representative of Indian students.
Mr. Naveen Srivastava was born in 1966 and started working in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of India in 1993. From 1995 to 1997, he was Second Secretary in the Consulate General of the Republic of India in Hong Kong. Later on, he held the post of First Secretary in the Embassy of India, Beijing. During 2002 to 2009, he worked in the headquarters of the Indian Foreign Ministry in New Delhi. From 2009 to 2012, Mr. Naveen was in Washington, working as the counselor of the Indian Embassy in the US. On August, 2012, he took office as the Consul-General of Consulate General of the Republic of India in Shanghai. His visit to NMU is Mr. Naveen's 5th trip to Nanjing.
(Source: International Exchanges and Cooperation Office Photograph provided by Information and Network Center)