Five Disciplines of NMU raised in the Ranking in Education Ministry's Results of Discipline Evaluation

Source: Propaganda Department of the Graduate School
On January 29th, the Ministry of Education announced the evaluation results in 2012 of the first-level disciplines with the qualification of graduates training and master degree awarding, five evaluated disciplines of our university all raised in the ranking. Compared with the ranking in the last round, the Public Health and the Preventive Medicine raised from NO.4 to NO.3; the Preclinical Medicine increased from NO.9 to NO.7; the Stomatology ascended from NO.8 to NO.6; Clinical Medicine has ranked 18th, from 54% in the previous assessment to 36% this time. Nursing discipline took part in the assessment for the first time, and ranking No. 8.
This evaluation was the third round of discipline evaluation carried out by the Ministry of Academic Degree and Postgraduate Education Development Center within 10 years. Universities and research institutes across the country were all welcomed to participate in the evaluation, which was conducted in a third-party evaluation approach. Seven major categories, including 95 first-level subjects, have been scored and ranked. The evaluation focuses on a university’s teaching staff, scientific research achievements, social evaluation and scientific research hardware, etc. More than 390 units and 4,200 subjects from all over the country participated in the evaluation; the rate of discipline participation increased by 79% compared with that in the last round. In medicine, the number of participants of the Preclinical Medicine disciplines increased from 26 to 44 , the Clinical disciplines from 26 to 50, the Stomatology disciplines from 12 to 25, the Public Health and the Preventive Medicine disciplines from 21 to 33, and 39 units of the Nursing disciplines participated in this evaluation.
The result of discipline evaluation announced by the Ministry of Education is an important indicator which reflects the level of discipline constructions. The announcement of above results is a kind of assurance to our achievements in discipline construction in recent years. Also, it has brought new inspiration and motivation to our university to go further in strengthening the connotation construction, improving teaching quality and creating a high-level medical university.