NMU: Outstanding Performance in F1000 Papers Evaluation of International Biomedical Journal

Nanjing Medical University stands at No.11 in "Chinese University F1000 Recommend Article Ranking" of 2012, with a total of 7 recommended articles, according to the latest word from Faculty of 1000 International Biomedical Papers (abbreviated F1000) evaluation system database. And in the overall ranking list, NMU is at the 12th, with a total of 22 recommended articles. The First Affiliated Hospital with Nanjing Medical University ranks No. 10 in the "Chinese medical institutions F1000 Recommend Article Ranking" of 2012, with a total of 3 recommended articles, and its overall ranking is No. 4 with a total of 11 articles recommended. "Chinese University F1000 Recommended Articles Disciplines Overall Ranking" shows that NMU ranks top in the country in three disciplines: diabetes and metabolic diseases, women's health and dermatology. All the above rankings prove that NMU is in the forefront in biomedical research among all universities across the country.
F1000, published by the British BioMed Central in 2002, is secondary literature database providing assessment services for biological and medical researchers. It includes two series, namely, Biology and Medicine. Unlike SCI as a multidisciplinary journal evaluation system, the evaluation object of F1000 is derived from a single PubMed article. It is analyzed and evaluated by more than 10,000 outstanding clinicians and researchers who not only select the top papers, but also explain why those are of vital importance.
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