Nanjing Medical University: 2011-2012 Jiangsu Advanced Collective for International Students in China

On January 8th, 2013, Jiangsu Foreign Students Education Management Research Association held its 2012 annual meeting and the year-end summary commendation congress in China Pharmaceutical University. Director Yuan Jingyu, deputy director Yu Xiaonan of International Cooperation and Exchange Office of Jiangsu Education Department, together with leaders from Jiangsu Foreign Affairs Office, Jiangsu Public Security Bureau, Jiangsu Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau and Nanjing Public Security Bureau, as well as the international students management cadres from 38 colleges and universities in Jiangsu Province attended the meeting.
Nanjing Medical University won the "2011-2012 Jiangsu Advanced Collective for International Students in China" at the meeting, which is a highly appreciate for our work on international students’ education. Institute of International Education will take this as an opportunity to improve related rules and regulations, further enhance the quality of education and uplift the management level, so that it can make greater contribution to accelerating the process of internationalization of our school and to building it as a world-renowned medical university at a high level.