Medical Association of Sri Lanka Accredits Clinical Medicine Undergraduate Education for International Students of NMU

To implement the internationalization of medical education, since 2004, NMU has been enrolling international students pursuing English-medium clinical medicine undergraduate education. Till now, our student base has been expanded to 25 countries from 2 at the very beginning. By July, 2012, 3 batches of students have graduated successfully and acquired the qualifications of medical practitioners in relevant countries.
Different from some other countries’ examinations for the qualifications of doctors, Medical Association of Sri Lanka mandates that the overseas graduates are not allowed to attend the examination for the qualifications of doctors until after their mother schools have been accredited by national Medical Association. According to this, in early 2012, our school officially applied for accreditation from Medical Committee of Sri Lanka, the statutory body of Sri Lanka. This May, we received the on-site certification from the Medical Association experts of Sri Lanka.
After the assessment the experts had made on our school’s international teaching faculty, teaching resources, class instructions, clinical facilities and the campus environment, on July 2012, the Medical Association of Sri Lanka officially released the certification of accreditation. The practice hospitals for international students that involve in the accreditation work include School of Medical Science, the library, the First School of Clinical Medicine, the Second School of Clinical Medicine, the Third School of Clinical Medicine, affiliated Nanjing Children’s Hospital, Xiaoshi Community Health Service Centre in Xiaguan District, etc.
Up to the present, there are only 4 Chinese universities accredited by the Medical Association of Sri Lanka. With one try our university was accredited, which means that our teaching quality gains the official approval of Sri Lanka Medical Committee, which is also a mark in our internationalization.