NMU Students Stood Out in the "Second National Basic Medical Students Forum and Experimental Design Innovation Contest"

From November 3rd to 4th, the finals of the "Second National Basic Medical Students Forum and Experimental Design Innovation Contest" were held at Tianjin Medical University. After two days of intense competition, six undergraduate students, instructed by teachers from School of Basic Medicine, won one first prize and five third prizes.
This competition aims to cultivate clinical students’ innovative medical research thinking and experimental ability during basic clinical training phase, drive the exploration and reform of the talent cultivation model, and promote intercollegiate cooperation and exchanges. Contest is co-sponsored by the National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center Joint Council, Basic Medical Education Branch of Chinese Higher Medical Education Institute, the Medical Profession and the National Steering Committee for Curriculum Teaching of Education Ministry and undertaken by the School of Basic Medicine from Tianjin Medical University. Clinical students from 35 medical schools nationwide and more than 280 projects are involved. After the preliminary round of test, six students from our school came to the finals and all carried off a prize, thanks to their solid foundation of medical knowledge, strong experimental skills and innovative thinking ability. Zhao Yue won the first prize, and the others received a third prize.
For the contest, NMU leaders and teachers attached great importance to the selection and training of participants who underwent more than six months of theoretical and experimental learning. The victory in those projects speaks proudly of our school’s efforts in conducting medical education reform in recent years, in strengthening students' scientific thinking and medical research capacity training.