"Mars flight simulation experiment hero" Wang Yue returned to NMU, his alma mater

On June 6th, at the invitation of NMU, Wang Yue, a graduate of 2004, a "Mars simulation flight tester ", travelled from Beijing to his alma mater after graduation for years. NMU leaders, teachers and students as well as his classmates and friends gave him a warm welcome.
At 10:00a.m., Wang Yue came to the Jiangning campus, the beauty and great changes of which he was really amazed at. In front of the teaching building of KangDa College where he once received his education, teachers and students held a grand welcoming ceremony for him. After that, the Dean Xu Jida introduced the new development of Kangda College in recent years. Wang Yue with sweetness and gratitude recalled his schooldays in the West Phoenix Street. How can he forget to tell his juniors his understanding of aspiration, faith, employment and life experience?
At 4:00 pm, at the Students’ Activity Center, Wang Yue made a report entitled "the 520-day journey to the Mars". Party Secretary and President Chen Qi, vice presidents Wang Changqing and Wang Ruixin, teachers and students from NMU and Nanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics, all together more than 500 were present. In the report, Wang Yue livened up his report with rich and colorful pictures, imparting the origin of the "Mars 500" plan, volunteers, experimental study, simulated landing "Mars", the cabin life and his own feelings. Over the course of 520 days, he was cramped in a sealed capsule where each took up no more than 3.4 square meters in space, where the sun never rose for them. Included in the food menu were potatoes, cold canned food and nutrient powder and his bed was only 75cm wide. He needed to work more than ten hours every day, like sampling, measuring, testing, recording and physical exercise. Over 1500 experiments were done, physiological, psychological, immunological, and biochemical, etc. As for the blood test, he nearly tested the whole volume of his blood, to such an extent that that you may call him a new man. He confessed, sometimes his resolution faltered and wanted to quit; but when he saw the five-star red flag on his shoulder, he got reinforced. Teachers and students were all moved by his firm and optimistic attitude as well as his humorous speech and cheerful disposition; they responded with thunderous applause.
At the beginning of the report, President Chen Qi awarded him the certificate of “Distinguished Alumnus” on behalf of our university. Vice President Wang Changqing praised Wang Yue as a living example of patriotism and dauntless heroism, finely representing NMU motto: Pursue excellence with erudition, reach perfection with morality.
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