Yunzi Liu, a girl of the First School of Clinical Medicine,volunteered teaching in Kenya on her own

Recently, Yunzi Liu, a senior student of class 9, the First School of Clinical Medicine, sent 600 RMB she raised to Childrock Primary School in Nairobi, Kenya. The money was used for children’s meals in June. It turned out that she had volunteered teaching there for 6 weeks since Jan. 14th this year. She was the first one of Nanjing branch of AIESEC who went to Kenya.
There were 80 students in Childrock arranged in 11 different classes. She was in charge of teaching Grade 6 students Math, English and Science. Sometimes, she taught children of other class singing, dancing and drawing. By the way, she needed to say everything in English. Except teaching, she also needed to take care of children, cook for them and even told them how much they should have. She worked just like an all-round baby sitter. The temperature in the building of Childrock was 30°C so it made the room just like a food steamer. While teaching, she drenched with sweat. The land under the feet was cracked. The soil filled even the nails, attached to the clothes.  Everyday, she spent five hours running from her residence to the school and what she ate was only rice with beans.
In order to solve children’s drinking problem, Yunzi Liu also wrote an article called “About love, Valentine's Day" on the Renren Network. She motivated her friends and classmates to care those poor children. As a result, she raised 1,500 yuan within only eight hours, which was used for buying purified water and purifying tank, stationery and medical supplies.
When it came to why she was willing to go to Africa to do volunteer work, Yunzi Liu said: "The charity is an idea, a seed. Everyone must have a sense of it.
On May 24th, Modern Express, Sina, Longhu Website, Nanjing Daily, Xinhua and other media published the report written by NMU newspaper reporter.