NMU won the first prize in the National Undergraduates’Competition of Clinical Skills

Peking University People's Hospital witnessed the final of the Third National Medical Undergraduates’ Competition of Clinical Skills. Representatives of 42 medical schools from six divisions of the country took part in the competition. Nanjing Medical University Team, consisting of Zhu Qiannan, Wu Junbei, Chen Xue and Meng Haoyu, all from the 7-year clinical program’2007, won the first prize for their calmness, excellent team spirit and superb skills.
The competition was divided into semi-finals, repechage and final contest with more than 40 questions from medicine, surgery, gynecology, pediatrics, dermatology, otorhinolaryngology, ophthalmology, emergency, infection, nursing and so on. All the questions were closely related to the clinical knowledge and skills, such as the normal clinical work and dealing with emergency. Fortunately, our school players adapted to the stadium in time. Being calm, accurate, fast, gentle and nimble, they balanced speed with quality, made full use of their mind and skills.
Before going to Peking, NMU Team also experienced the qualifier of the East Division which was attended by 38 representatives from 35 medical universities in 6 provinces and 1 city. 12 teams were selected for Beijing finals and our university team was the only one in Jiangsu which was successfully promoted.
Practical skills, clinical thinking and teamwork were examined by this competition. The performance of NMU's participants not only reflected the solid theoretical foundation and clinical competence of most students, but also reflected the overall clinical teaching level of our university.