The Dean of the Faculty of Medicine in University of Western Ontario, Professor Michael Strong, Visited NMU

Professor Michael Strong, Dean of the faculty of medicine at University of Western Ontario, visited NMU on the morning of April 26th. Prof. Hu Gang, vice president, met the guests in the Years Court, accompanied with Xiaoyang Sun, Dean of the First Affiliated Hospital of Huai’an and Chengguan Liang, chief physician of Neurology, and Jianwei Zhou, Director of Graduate School, and Shan Xu, Director of International Exchange and Cooperation Office and teachers from School of Basic Medicine. Professor Strong was invited by Sun Xiaoyang to the First Affiliated Hospital of Huai’an. During the visit, he hoped that he could establish inter-school cooperation with NMU.
Vice president Hu Gang welcomed Professor Strong on behalf of NMU and introduced the history and achievements of NMU in teaching and scientific research in recent years. Knowing that Professor Strong is an internationally famous neurologist, Prof. Hu also highlighted the development history of neurology, clinical strengths and scientific research capability of our First Clinical Medical School and the affiliated Brain Hospital.
Professor Strong also introduced the overview and development strategies of University of Western Ontario and its Medical School of Hewlett. The City of London, Ontario, where University of Western Ontario is located, is the "sister" city with Nanjing. There are many similarities between Hewlett Medical School and NMU in disciplines, student training, scientific research and development strategies. Prof. Strong suggested strengthening cooperation between the two sides. President Hu hoped the two sides could sign a comprehensive cooperation agreement to implement specific cooperation programs.
After the meeting, Professor Strong visited the Key Laboratory of Neurodegenerative Diseases in Jiangsu Province. During the visit, President Chen Qi made time to have a brief conversation with Professor Strong and changed souvenirs with each other.
Dr. Michael Strong is Distinguished Professor of Department of Doctor in University of Western Ontario, a famous neurologist, Roberts Institute scientist, Dean of Helwlett Medical School of Western Ontario University, member of American Academy of Neurology and Royal Society of Internal Medicine and Surgery of Canada. The laboratory led by Dr. Strong has long been engaged in nervous system diseases, especially the clinical and research work of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD). He has published many scholarly monographs and more than 130 research papers internationally.