NMU and CPU Sign Agreement of Strategic Cooperation

Nanjing Medical University (NMU) and China Pharmaceutical University (CPU) held a signing ceremony for the Agreement of Strategic Cooperation in the multifunctional hall of CPU Conference Center in Jiangning campus on December 4, 2017. The ceremony was attended by Long Xiang, Deputy Secretary of Nanjing Municipal Party Committee, Shao Jianguang, Deputy Secretary-General of Nanjing Municipal Party Committee, Lu Rong, standing member of Jiangning District Party Committee and chief of its United Front Work Department, Liao Xiumei, Vice Chief Executive of Jiangning District and Party Secretary of Jiangning High-tech Park, Liu Zhihong, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and Professor of Nanjing University, Wang Guangji, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and Professor of CPU. It was also attended by NMU leaders Wang Changqing, Shen Hongbing, Li Jianqing, Xu Shan, Hu Zhibin, Ji Yong and CPU leadership. Directors of relevant departments from both universities, and schools and affiliated hospitals, representatives of teachers and students witnessed the significant moment.

Wang Changqing, Party Secretary of NMU, and Xu Hui, Party Secretary of CPU, gave speeches respectively. Wang Changqing remarked that the signing ceremony marked a beginning for bilateral cooperation in the new era. Embodying the spirits of the 19th National Congress of Communist Party of China, the cooperation serves as important measures to upgrade the nation by education and maintain people’s health. He pointed out that NMU and CPU were adjoining neighbors in the foot of Mountain Fangshan. The long-term intimate relationship between the two universities laid a solid foundation for further cooperation with so many successful cooperative cases and shared determination. Under the favorable conditions, today’s ceremony turned the plan of bilateral strategic cooperation into reality. Wang Changqing hoped that two universities shall integrate medicine and pharmacy, persist in collective innovation, while implementing district policies for education. Taking the agreement as a new start, we shall actively explore the new cooperative models and paths, learn from each other with mutual trust, achieve win-win situation and common development, so as to build and promote a comprehensive, long-term and stable cooperative partnership.

Secretary Xu Hui pointed out that making joint efforts to integrate medicine and pharmacy was the only road and the crucial measure to develop health industry and build a healthy China. Bilateral cooperation will enhance talent nurturing, share resources and equipment, and break the barrier between pharmacy R&D and clinical research. Besides, it will facilitate the development of medical industry in Jiangning District, thus creating a new innovative platform for biopharmaceutical industry in Nanjing.

Afterwards, on behalf of NMU and CPU, Presidents of both universities Shen Hongbing and Lai Maode signed the cooperative agreement, ensuring bilateral comprehensive and deep cooperation in talent nurturing, discipline construction, talent team building, scientific research, academic exchanges, resource sharing, etc.

Liao Xiumei commented that overall strategic cooperation between two universities was not only a new path for exploring the integration of medicine and pharmacy, but also a historical moment of the development of life science industry in Jiangning High-tech Park. Jiangning District Government will further upgrade the park’s functions in such aspects as education, medicine and business, build an innovative environment that is more suitable to live in and start a business, and try its outmost to build platforms and offer services for two universities.

On behalf of Nanjing Municipal Party Committee and Nanjing Municipal Government, Long Xiang extended a warm congratulation to NMU and CPU on signing the cooperative agreement. He pointed out that both universities situated in Jiangning High-tech Park with similar disciplines and adjoining locations while enjoying a long history and good reputation in the field of medicine. Cooperation between the two universities will help the construction of world’s first-class universities and first-class disciplines, build high-level universities in Jiangsu Province, and instill vigor for the transformation and upgrade of biopharmaceutical industry in Nanjing and for the improvement of the quality and efficiency of economic development. He also said that under the principles of treating each other sincerely and pursuing beneficial and win-win outcomes, Nanjing Municipal Party Committee and Government would actively guide the industries, provide services for S&T innovation and other work so as to promote the innovative development of NMU and CPU.

The first joint academic forum was held after the signing ceremony. Three lectures were given by Academician Liu Zhihong, Academician Wang Guangji, and Professor Zhu Dongya of NMU. The topics were Precise Medicine and Renal Diseases, Exploration of Cell Pharmacokinetics in New Drugs and Clinical Research, and From Target Drugs to Finding of New Drugs.

Reported by: President Office

Photographed by: Information Network Center

Translated by: Wei Miao

Edited by: Zhang Donghui