NMU Holds Campaign for World AIDS Day

On Dec. 1st, 2017, a campaign for World AIDS Day was held in the Shuren Square of Nanjing Medical University, Jiangning campus, with the theme of “share responsibilities of AIDS prevention, share rights of health and jointly build a healthy China”, which was co-organized by Red Cross Society of China NMU Branch, Red Ribbon Companion Association of NMU as well as Youth Health Companion Club of NMU under the leadership of AIDS Prevention Steering Group and Youth Health Education Steering Group of NMU.

Vice President Xu Shan made a speech in the opening ceremony. She pointed out that the purpose of the campaign was to mobilize all the teachers and students to actively participate in the AIDS prevention and control, to share the responsibility, and to enhance the awareness and ability of AIDS prevention so as to create a good social atmosphere. Most importantly, it also aimed at guiding teachers and students to establish a correct view of life, morality and social responsibilities, thus encouraging college students to grow up healthily.

The campaign was mainly conducted in the way of posting posters, displaying panels, sending brochures and condoms, organizing Q&A both in the Wechat and on the site, proposing signatures among teachers and students, and pasting red ribbons so as to increase people’s awareness to cherish life and spread the knowledge of AIDS prevention and control.

Reported and Photographed by: AIDS Prevention Steering Group of NMU and Youth Health Education Steering Group of NMU

Translated by:Shen Henglu

Edited by:Zhang Donghui