NMU One-Stop Student Affairs and Development Center Officially Opened

On the morning of Nov. 27th, 2017, the One-Stop Student Affairs and Development Center of NMU (hereinafter referred to as One-Stop Center) was officially opened. Vice President Xu Shan, deans and directors of the relevant schools and departments, counselors as well as student representatives attended the ceremony.

Together with relevant deans and directors, Vice President Xu Shan unveiled the One-Stop Center in the ceremony. The director of the Department of Student Affairs introduced the layout and functions of the center. Subsequently, the management committee of the One-Stop Center convened its first meeting on the site to discuss issues such as work time, service contents, operation mechanism, management mode, personnel arrangement and training of student volunteers. Vice President Xu Shan pointed out the establishment of the One-Stop Center reflected the student-oriented educational principle of NMU, provided a platform to serve students face-to-face and to seek a better communication with them, and became the window of demonstrating the work ability, work efficiency and service attitude of different departments of NMU. Meanwhile, Vice President Xu Shan put forward some specific requirements for the center as well.

The One-Stop Center is located in the student living area of Jiangning campus, covering 500 square meters, which provides integrated services such as business processing, personal consultation and work communication. Currently, 8 departments of NMU joined in the One-Stop Center to provide services to students, i.e., Department of Student Affairs, Finance Department, Security Department, Organization Department, Office of Communist Youth Committee, Department of Logistics Management and Information Network Center. The establishment of the center is not only the work requirement of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education to promote the building ofOne-stop Center in the universities of the whole province, but also the practical exploration of NMU by serving students to become talents, integratinguniversity resources and improving work efficiency.

Reported by: Security Department

Photographed by: Information Network Center

Translated by:Shen Henglu

Edited by:Zhang Donghui