Academician Liu Zhihong Workstation Unveiled in Sir Run Run Hospital

The signing and unveiling ceremony of Academician Liu Zhihong Workstation was held in Sir Run Run Hospital of Nanjing Medical University on Oct 19, 2017. Lu Xiang, Vice President of Nanjing Medical University and President of Sir Run Run Hospital, hosted the ceremony. The plaque of the workstation was unveiled by Liu Zhihong, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Wang Changqing, Party Secretary of NMU, Shen Hongbing, President of NMU, and Zhou Yugang, Deputy District Chief of Jiangning District. The ceremony was attended by distinguished guests as Liu Zhihong team, Xu Shan, Vice President of NMU, Zhu Chunxia, Director of Scientific Research and Education Department of Nanjing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning.

In the unveiling ceremony, Shen Hongbing, President of NMU, said that Academician Liu Zhihong has led the national clinical research center for kidney diseases to pool resources and wisdom in this area nationwide for clinical research and translational research. He hoped that seizing the opportunity of establishing this workstation, Liu Zhihong team shall make breakthrough in the development of nephrology and its relevant discipline, thus occupying a commanding height in clinical research.

On behalf of Jiangning District Government, Zhou Yugang, Deputy District Chief of Jiangning District, congratulated on the founding of Academician Liu Zhihong Workstation in Sir Run Run Hospital. He hoped that Liu Zhihong team can make joint efforts with Sir Run Run Hospital to achieve such breakthroughs as talent nurturing and transformation of scientific fruits, thus promoting consistent development of healthcare undertakings in Jiangning District.

Academician Liu Zhihong showed her determination to devote into the development of Sir Run Run Hospital and make efforts for discipline construction of NMU and healthcare development in Jiangning District. She pointed out that the workstation will create a standardized and integrated model for diagnosis and treatment in chronic kidney diseases, acute kidney injury and blood purification, establish a collective research system and build a first-class kidney medical center.

After the ceremony, Liu Zhihong’s team and relevant personnel made further discussions and plan on the workstation such as work models, content and orientations.

Reported and Photographed by: Sir Run Run Hospital of NMU

Translated by: Wei Miao

Edited by: Zhang Donghui