Vice Governor Lan Shaomin Conducts a Survey at NMU

Lan Shaomin, Vice Governor of Jiangsu Province, led a team to conduct a survey at Nanjing Medical University on Oct 19, 2017. Chen Shaojun, Deputy Secretary-General, Tan Ying, Director of Jiangsu Provincial Commission of Health and Family Planning, Xu Zimin, Deputy Party Secretary of Jiangsu Provincial Education Commission and other officials from relevant governmental departments. NMU is under the supervision of Vice Governor Lan Shaomin according to an arrangement made by Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee. This survey aimed to grasp the basic situations of grass root, get opinions from both teachers and students, enhance the guidance over NMU so as to support and help its reform and development. NMU leaders Wang Changqing, Shen Hongbing, Shi Jinlou, Wang Ruixin, Lu Xiang, Wang Lin, Li Jianqing, Ma Shuiqing, Xu Shan, Zhao Jun, Hu Zhibin, Ji Yong and directors from relevant administrative departments received the survey team.

During the visit to Sir Run Run Hospital of Nanjing Medical University, Animal Core Facility and Medical Simulation Center, the delegation made on-the-spot investigation and listened to the introduction about progress of the university. The following seminar was hosted by Wang Changqing, Party Secretary of NMU. On behalf of NMU teachers and students, he extended a warm welcome to the delegation and expressed great gratitude for the government’s consistent care and support for NMU. Shen Hongbing, President of NMU, reported the reform and development conducted by NMU from three aspects as overview, teaching capacity and goals for development, with an emphasis on talents nurturing, scientific research, discipline construction, team building, social service and future outlook. Guided by the goal of building a high-level research-oriented medical university that enjoys an international reputation and distinctive features, NMU will offer high-level services to Jiangsu Province’s new practice of promoting innovation and enriching the people.

Xu Zimin, Deputy Party Secretary of Jiangsu Provincial Education Commission, appreciated the connotation development and breakthrough achieved in recent years. He hoped that NMU should strengthen people-oriented moral education, promote collective development of medicine and teaching, and facilitate the provincial higher education on medicine and talent nurturing. Recognizing the rapid development of all aspects in NMU, Tan Ying, Director of Jiangsu Provincial Commission of Health and Family Planning, hoped that NMU and its affiliated hospitals should conform to the strategies of Healthy China and Healthy Jiangsu, enhance medical talents nurturing, strengthen the collective and translational medicine between basic medicine and clinical medicine, so as to promote the capacity of diagnosis and treatment.

In the end, Vice Governor Lan Shaomin gave a speech. He said that NMU has made great contributions to the healthcare development at both provincial and national levels. Viewed in historical perspective, the university enjoys a rich culture; at present, it has achieved much accomplishment; in the future, with great potential, NMU is expected to spare no effort in talents nurturing, scientific research, social service and so on, thus putting all undertakings at a new starting point. He hoped that NMU should promote people-oriented moral education by strengthening the guidance of politics; emphasize the connotation construction and take advantages of current features; deepen comprehensive reform and increase dynamics of development; concentrate on collective development of medicine and teaching to help building Healthy Jiangsu. He pointed out that the survey was the first step to linking with NMU. More care and support shall be devoted to NMU reform and development. Relevant departments should understand and resolve the problems and difficulties ahead, especially in such areas as building medical summit, the construction of Healthy Jiangsu and innovation in system and mechanism. By doing so, we can make greater contributions to medical talent nurturing, healthcare improvement as well as economic and social development in Jiangsu Province.

Reported by: President Office

Photographed by: Information Network Center

Translated by: Wei Miao

Edited by: Zhang Donghui