NMU Leader Meets with the Chairman of the Indonesian Medical Association, West Jakarta

Dr. Dollar, Chairman of the Indonesian Medical Association, West Jakarta visited NMU on September 6th, 2017. Vice President Wang Lin, Director of International Cooperation and Exchange, and Vice Deans of the First School of Clinical Medicine, Second School of Clinical Medicine received the guests.

Dr. Dollar introduced the function and working fields of the Indonesian Medical Association, West Jakarta. Vice President Wang Lin held deep discussions with Dr. Dollar on the overseas teaching hospital, student internship, training after graduation, medical licensing examination and employment issues. The two sides have reached an agreement on building cooperative relationship with hospitals in Jakarta and physician exchanges and signed an MoU.

The signing of the MoU has marked the beginning of the cooperation with overseas medical associations and has connected the bridge for building the overseas teaching hospital in “One Belt One Road” countries and founding the mutual cooperation between affiliated hospitals and overseas hospitals.

Reported and Photographed by:  Department of International Cooperation and Exchange

Translated by: Zhou Li

Edited by: Zhang Donghui