NMU Holds Preparatory Meeting for National Competition on Public Health

On the afternoon of September 29, 2017, the preparatory meeting for the first National College Students’ Comprehensive Ability Competition on Public Health was held in the Zhicheng Building, Jiangning campus. Prof. Li Liming of Peking University, chairman of the Advisory Committee on Teaching Public Health and Preventive Medicine in Higher Education under the Ministry of Education (hereinafter referred to as public health education committee), Prof. Chi Baorong of Jilin University, director of the National College Students’ Clinical Contest, Prof. Liu Ya, Prof. Tan Hongzhuan and Prof. Shen Hongbing, vice chairman of public health education committee and other committee members, and Prof. Zhu Fengcai, deputy director of Jiangsu Provincial Center of Disease Control and Prevention were invited to attend. In addition, deans and directors from Department of Teaching Affairs and School of Public Health attended the meeting as well.

At the meeting, President Shen Hongbing delivered a welcome speech, and expressed his gratitude to all the experts who have showed constant concerns and supports to all the university causes especially for public health education. He declared that he would combine all the strengths of the university to run well the National College Students’ Comprehensive Ability Competition on Public Health, trying to build a brand and make a demonstration. During the work communication, Prof. Gao Xingya, director of Department of Teaching Affairs, proposed that mature experience and practices on the National College Students’ Clinical Contest should be adopted and a detailed work plan should be made after listening to the opinions of most experts, as hosting a National College Students’ Comprehensive Ability Competition on Public Health is a test of teaching level in universities and colleges. Professor Chi Baorong shared the valuable experience of organizing clinical skills contest, and gave constructive suggestions on the form of contest, examination methods, awards setting, etc. After a full consultation, the experts agreed that the first competition would be held in Nanjing Medical University in late April 2018.

Subsequently, Prof. Li Liming made a concluding speech and suggested the theme of the first competition should be Lay equal stress on theory and practice, seek integration between prevention and clinical medicine’. He stressed that public health competition should be practice- and application-oriented in order to improve the teaching level and practical ability of students, increase the examination pass rate of public health practitioners, and cultivate competent talents on public health to serve the whole country, advocating the big health concept and promoting general concerns about public health in the whole society.

Reported and Photographed by:School of Public Health

Translated by: Shen Henglu

Edited by: Zhang Donghui