The Affiliated Shanghai NO.10 People's Hospital

  Shanghai Tenth People’s Hospital was founded in 1910 and became the Shanghai Tenth Hospital School of Clinical Medicine of our university in 2009. It is a Level Three and Grade A general hospital. It has more than 2,000 employees including more than 200 specialists with senior professional titles and 2,000 beds. It has three national key clinical specialties (digestive medicine, nursing, and TCM cardiology), one Shanghai municipal key clinical discipline (nursing, which is a top specialty of Shanghai), two clinical medicine centers of Shanghai (ophthalmology and Chinese medicine), one trauma center of Shanghai, and one nursing quality control center of Shanghai. Its Key Laboratory of Molecular Genetics of Arrhythmias is a lab jointly developed by the hospital and the Ministry of Health. It also has more than 30 MS and PhD programs, 94 supervisors of MS students, and 33 supervisors of doctoral students. The hospital has quite a few top specialists including those nominated for the State Baiqianwan Talent Program, Shanghai Leading Talents, Excellent Academic Leaders of Shanghai, and those selected for Shanghai Dawn Program and Shanghai Science and Technology Rising-Star Program. In the recent four years, the hospital has won state level grants for more than 100 research projects, including Program 863 and National Natural Science Foundation projects, and dozens of awards including China Medical Science and Technology Award, Shanghai Science and Technology Award, Scientific Research Achievement Award for Colleges and Universities, and Shanghai Medical Science and Technology Award etc.

  After the efforts of generations, the hospital has brought in and brought up a group of leading specialists who have distinctive expertise and academic achievements and has formed a number of superior subjects. Examples of these subjects include TCM research of anti-ageing through activating blood circulation and dissipating blood stasis; nursing process optimization and construction of specialized nursing; diagnosis and treatment of pancreatic diseases and inflammatory bowel diseases, early diagnosis and minimally invasive treatment of digestive tract cancers; minimally invasive vitreoretinal surgery, complex vitreous body surgery and combination therapy, corneal grafting, cataract extraction surgery, of orbital disease treatment and oculoplastic surgery; interventional therapy of coronary heart disease and atrial fibrillation; surgical treatment of complex bone tumors, minimally invasive spine surgery; minimally invasive surgery for urologic diseases; brain tumor surgery, minimally invasive surgery for cerebrovascular diseases; intensified treatment of diabetes and treatment of thyroid diseases; dental prosthetics, orthodontics, and dental implant techniques; interventional therapy of respiratory diseases; integrated treatment of acute and critical illnesses and minimally invasive surgery of gynecologic tumors.

  The hospital has a total fixed asset of 600 million yuan. It is well equipped and has streamlined processes. Its laboratory department is ISO15189 certified and 14 specialties are national clinical drug test agencies and 11 specialties are standard training base of Shanghai for resident physicians. Management through computer network has been realized throughout the hospital.

  With a hundred years’ of development and reputation, the hospital will uphold the spirit of “Unity, Commitment, and Excellence”, pursue the peaks of medical science despite hardships and difficulties, bring medical benefits to the people, and try to build itself into a high grade, high quality and comprehensive medical center.