Affiliated Qingdao Municipal Hospital

Qingdao Municipal Hospital was founded in 1916 and has a profound historical heritage and good social reputation. Today, it has become a large hospital group that consists of four sites (the municipal hospital, the east branch hospital, the municipal skin disease prevention and control hospital, and the municipal Beijiushui sanitarium). With two Level Three Grade A hospitals as its main body, the group carries out medical service, teaching, research, health care and sanitarium service. The group has 2,000 beds and employs over 3,600 people. It has 28 provincial and municipal level key disciplines and featured specialties. It also has four key laboratories respectively for four kinds of common diseases and four medical research centers. Other organizations within the hospital include a post-doctoral research center approved by Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, a first medical book translation center of People’s Medical Publishing House, a national clinical drug test agency, and a clinical pharmacist training base of Ministry of Health. The group has established friendly cooperation with 11 large-scale international medical institutions and universities and research cooperation with 18 Chinese universities and research institutes. And it builds a medical and pharmaceutical research institute jointly with Ocean University of China.

  All sites of the group are located in downtown areas neighboring government institutions and businesses and major tourist resorts. They have modern medical management systems, facilities, and services and were designated hospitals for Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games. The group has successfully completed medical support for several major international sports games. This not only brings international reputation to the group but also fully shows the capacity and efficiency of the group. In these activities the expertise of the group in emergency medical treatment was up to the international standards and highly recognized by counterparts in China and other countries.

  The group promotes its own development through cultural construction. It is the first hospital in China that registered its service brand – “Life Oasis”. Today it has 100 specialty brands and has formed a brand group. “Life Oasis” has been assessed as a Famous Service Brand of Shangdong Province as well as Qingdao and a Top 10 Brand Culture of Qingdao. Sticking to the core values of “Love and Quality”, the group has achieved all-round and coordinated development. In recent years, it has won more than 20 honors at provincial and ministry levels and above including National Model Organization, National Model Hospital Trusted by the People, National Excellent Group of Medical Service, National Excellent Group of Hospital Culture Construction, and National Innovation Award for Medical Culture Construction.

  In the Twelfth Five-Year Period, Qingdao Municipal Hospital (Group) will focus on the main task of building the clinical medicine center of Qingdao. It will adapt to the demands of economic, social, and regional development and try to build itself into a regional medical center that satisfies the medical service demands of modern cities, a health care center that caters to diversified needs and provides high level and high quality services, a core technology center that leads the medical development in the peninsular region, and an international medical center of the northern regions that fully shows the functions of an international city.