The Affiliated Changzhou Matemity and Child Health

Changzhou Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital, established in 1981, is a Class Three Grade A hospital. Well equipped and with excellent academic achievements and medical culture, the hospital is committed to maternal and child health care, clinical service, teaching and research. It is one of the earliest national baby friendly hospitals. The honors it has received include National Model Organization of Maternal and Child Health Care, model organization at provincial and municipal levels, and municipal model grassroots organization of the Party etc. In 2010 the hospital became affiliated to Nanjing Medical University.

  The hospital presently has a land area of 16,030 square meters and a total floor space of 53,078 square meters and 450 beds. It now has 814 employees including 693 medical and technical professionals.

  The hospital consists of 13 primary clinical and health care departments and 5 technical departments. The gynecology of the hospital is a municipal key discipline. Its obstetrics & gynecology is a key discipline of the university. The Department of Female Health care is a provincial-level site of key discipline development for maternal and child health care. Its gynecology, perinatology, and neonatology are municipal key specialties. The hospital has carried out quite a few research projects funded by National Natural Science Foundation, Ministry of Health, the Department of Health of Jiangsu, and municipal departments and has won several science and technology achievement awards.

  Since its affiliation to Nanjing Medical University in 2010, the hospital has been strengthening its management of clinical teaching. It has set up the teaching and research sections of gynecology, obstetrics, neonatology, nursing, and laboratory. More than 30 teachers are engaged in clinical teaching and teach clinical obstetrics courses of Nanjing Medical University and Suzhou University.

  Under the leadership of the competent government department, the hospital adheres to the scientific outlook on development and always follows this guideline of maternal and child health care - “focus on health care, aim at the guarantee of reproductive health, integrate health care and clinical service, take a group-oriented and grassroots-oriented approach, and focus on prevention ”. It also focuses closely on the new round of health system reform and has made significant achievements in management innovation, disciplinary program construction, talent cultivation, service improvement, and cultural development.