The Affiliated Wuxi Mental Health Center

Wuxi Mental Health Center is a Level Three Grade A psychiatry hospital. It is a modern hospital founded in November 2002 on the basis of the former Tongren Hospital under the municipal bureau of civil affairs and the No. 7 hospital under the municipal department of health. The hospital carries out clinical service, teaching, research, prevention, and rehabilitation of mental diseases. It is also a hospital affiliated to Nanjing Medical University, Wuxi Dentistry Diagnostic and Treatment Center of Nanjing Medical University School of Stomatology, and the MS student education base of Nanjing Medical University.

  Major missions of the hospital include diagnosis and treatment of mental diseases, mental health care, social prevention and rehabilitation, detention and medical treatment of homeless, penniless, and uncared-for psychotics, aid to needy psychotics, detention and guardianship of individuals subject to forensic psychiatry examination, judicial authentication, disability assessment, and ability-to-work assessment. The hospital consists of one inpatient department, three clinic departments, and four clinic consultation sites in general hospitals. It has more than 10 clinical specialties including general psychiatry, geriatric psychiatry, pediatric psychiatry, clinical psychology, psychiatry of integrated traditional and western medicine, psychiatric rehabilitation, and dentistry. It also has other clinical divisions like the psychological consultation center, the sleep disorder diagnosis and treatment center, the suicide crisis intervention center, and the division of judicial authentication of mental diseases. Among them, the psychiatry of integrated traditional and western medicine is a key specialty supported by State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the Twelfth Five-Year Period; general psychiatry is a provincial and municipal level key clinical specialty; clinical psychology is a provincial key discipline of clinical medicine (a joint development program), a municipal key clinical specialty, and a municipal diagnosis and treatment center of clinical psychological diseases; geriatric psychiatry is a municipal key clinical specialty.

  The hospital officially has 700 beds and actually there are 1,742 beds available. It has 774 employees, including 4 specialists with doctoral degrees, 38 with master’s degrees, 49 with senior professional titles, 1 enjoying the State Council special allowance, 3 Wuxi Famous Doctors, and 10 supervisors of MS students. The hospital is technically strong and well equipped. It uses advanced techniques (such as modified electric convulsive therapy, Morita therapy, acupoint electro-stimulating therapy, cognitive therapy, behavior therapy, biofeedback therapy, and short-term dynamic psychotherapy) to treat various kinds of mental and psychological diseases including those critical and difficult ones and has achieved significant curative effects and high cure rates. In recent three years, the hospital has won 1 National Natural Science Foundation key project (as the No. 1 collaborator), 1 research task of the Department of Health of Jiangsu, and 6 municipal level research tasks; completed 1 sub-project as the collaborator of a project of the national Program 863 and participated in the research of 1 sub-project of Program 973, 1 project of the University of Notre Dame Australia School of Medicine, Sydney, and 1 key project of Ministry of Health; carried out 1 drug test program; won 1 municipal science and technology progress award for a second time, 2 provincial new technique import second class awards, 4 new technique import second class awards of the Department of Health of Jiangsu, and 2 municipal first class awards, 1 second class award, and 1 third class award for new technique import. The specialists of the hospital have published 4 papers in SCI journals, a breakthrough of no SCI papers in the history of the hospital, and 191 papers in core journals and they led or participated in the writing of 3 academic books.

  The honors that the hospital has won include National Model Group in the Work of Rehabilitation of the Disabled, one of the first National Education Base of Youth Self-Protection, National Model Group in the Work of Environment Sanitation, Jiangsu Model Organization, Jiangsu Dispute-Free Hospital, Model Organization of Jiangsu in the Construction of the Spiritual Aspect of Civilization, Jiangsu Qualified Hospital in the Management of Patient Safety, Model Pharmacy of Level Three Hospitals in Jiangsu, Jiangsu Education Base of Youth Self-Protection, Jiangsu Model Group in the Work of Prevention and Control of Evil Cults.